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Citizens in Action

Citizens in Action

Ever wanted to make a difference – for your world, for your country or for your neighborhood – but weren’t sure how to get started?

Feel a little intimidated at the idea of contacting an elected leader – whether your city council member, your state legislator or a Member of Congress?

Think it’s impossible to gain the attention of elected leaders without sending them a big campaign contribution?

Well, think again.

In Citizens in Action, Stephanie Vance, the “Advocacy Guru,” takes the controversial position that it is possible to get heard on the Hill, that not all politicians are corrupt (OK, a few are), and that citizens can “get things done” from Washington, D.C. to their city council. Vance’s tips and advice are helpful whether you’re just getting started on an advocacy effort or have been trying to gain the attention of elected officials for years.


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Want your voice heard in government? Read this book. In 12 chapters, Vance shows how you can make a difference by knowing what you want, figuring out whom to contact, developing your message, and delivering it effectively. She provides tons of examples and tips--"The Top Ten Things Elected Officials and Their Staffs HATE to Hear" is one of my favorites. Vance, who worked on Capitol Hill, writes in an easy, conversational style. If you're a novice or an old hand at lobbying (or advocacy, as Vance prefers), you'll find great stuff here.Frank H. Mackaman, Dirksen Congressional Center

This book has tremendous insights into what I call, "the Capitol engine" policymaking; who are the players and how do you make contact with them effectively; and how to understand the always changing political scene that changes the players. The two chapters,Developing your message and Delivering your message are the best I've ever read. Ms. Vance has certainly offered anyone who wishes to be an effective citizen advocate or lobbyist THE guide to success!! Susi Pittman,Florida Catholic Conference Advocate, Citizen Lobbyist for the Humane Society of the United States

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