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Federal Lobbying Compliance Handbook

Federal Lobbying Compliance Handbook

With HLOGA now more than 10 years in and lobbying activities under intense scrutiny, compliance mistakes can trigger catastrophic financial and criminal penalties. Each year violations and confusion on compliance continue. One practical guide provides authoritative answers to all your questions about lobbying under the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 as amended by HLOGA. The Lobbying Compliance Handbook covers everything from the lobbying activities that require disclosure to the specific steps lobbying firms and associations must take to maintain the required records and paperwork certifications.

Recent updates include: 

  • Guidance on responding to letters from Department of Justice. Includes actual sample letters.
  • Template letter for lobbyists to send to clients upon retention. A great tool for educating clients about the laws and regulations that will affect them now that they have hired a registered lobbyist
  • A detailed guide to informing clients about more obscure rules that have led to issues in recent years
  • Update on campaign finance and election year laws
  • An updated travel and events compliance checklist
  • The HLOGA Compliance 5 Years Later Report

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With the handbook, you'll learn how to:

  • Know who must register as a lobbyists- and the crucial difference between the LDA and IRC definitions on this point
  • Determine who is a “covered official”- and whether a contact with one triggers lobbying registration
  • Use the right financial tracking systems in connection to your reporting method
  • Maintain records to complete all registration and reporting forms
  • Meet all the new requirements for providing travel, meals, entertainment and gifts to Congressional Members and staffers
  • Conduct certification and training of existing and new employees and follow rules governing the lobbying activities of former government officials
  • Determine the proper filing protocol after terminating a lobbyist from your initial filing 
  • Understanding FARA registrations  

Vital content for associations, lobbying firms and government contractors including the different regulations that now apply to:

  • Formal coalitions, informal coalitions, associations
  • Real word interactions with legislative and executive branch officials
  • Disclosure of past government employment for 20 years
  • “Widely attended event” vs. “reception”
  • The reporting of certain political contributions

Ease compliance with up-to-date HLOGA answers- ready the moment you need them all year long. 

3 times better than any other HLOGA reference
Organized for how you work by a full time practitioner who understands your real-world activities, processes and questions. Plus, it's written in plain English so you can be certain of exactly what the laws require and exactly how they apply to daily practices.

Comprehensive and practical
The material in this manual isn’t “theory” — it’s ready-to-use guidance compiled from hands-on training sessions with over 1,000 practitioners in the last six months. For example, you can look up how the new gift rules apply to specific gifts. Updated You'll get monthly email alerts and updates on any changes in the law!

Expert guidance from the leading authority on HLOGA
With more than 30 years of experience in law, politics and public policy, Cleta Mitchell, a partner at Foley and Lardner’s Washington, DC, office was named a “Top Lawyer” by the Washingtonian. She advises on election and campaign finance law, and compliance issues related to lobbying, ethics, and financial disclosure. Working closely with Lobbyists.info, she has created a comprehensive and practical guide lobbying firms and groups can use to streamline compliance and certification — and protect themselves — all year long.

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