Data Services

Preparing for an upcoming political research project? unquestionable holds the most comprehensive and up-to-date source of current and historical lobbying data covering more than 44,000 registered and unregistered lobbyists and 15,000 organizations included in the database. This unique dataset has positioned Washington Representatives to work with a wide range of academic and research organizations to provide custom datasets to aide in research. Utilizing our extensive political and government relations data from key publications such as the Almanac of American Politics to Washington Representatives and the Original US Congress Handbooks, we can provide custom datasets for research and business intelligence needs.

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Case Studies of Past Custom Editorial Projects

University Collaboration to Study Corporate Government Relations:

Two universities were collaborating on a research project and needed to acquire historical lobbying data (by year) of which companies have internal government relations offices and the number of staff employed at that office. The focus of the project was to conduct research on how organizations’ approach to internal government relations activities has changed over time. Washington Representatives provided the clients with 8 years of custom lobbying data including organization name, number of in-house registered lobbyists (calculations done by Washington Representatives data team) and lobbying spending year of year to aide in their study.

Financial Economist Analyzes the "Revolving Door":

A financial economist studying the revolving door from Capitol Hill to K Street and back again needed a custom data set of lobbyists and their legislative involvement and clients over time. Washington Representatives provided the client with over 31,000 lobbying contact records including name, title, organization, lobbying history, prior government/Hill position history and education history. This data allowed the researcher to track the movement of individual lobbyists throughout their careers in both the public and private sectors.

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