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Ever worried that your database is inaccurate, out of date, or full of holes? We can help! Send us your database of government relations or congressional contacts and we will match it to ours. We will then tell you organizations that are inactive, update contact names, organization stats and even emails. We can even stick our top-notch research team on a scavenger hunt for your hard to find contacts.

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Case Study: Data Matching, Appending and Licensing

One issue we often hear from client’s is maintaining databases for outreach and fundraising. We all know how often people move jobs, email accounts, phone numbers. Keeping up with all of this information while preforming your day to day tasks can be a nightmare and once a contact is out of date, it is no longer valuable. This is where Washington Representatives can step in to take the stress away from maintaining your database.

This case study will examine how Washington Representatives provides our clients with access with large scale datasets and data services such as matching, appending, and licensing datasets.

Step 1: Data Matching

The first phase of a data appending project is to match the individuals from the client’s database to Washington Representatives’ data sets. The records are matched using many criteria including organization name, web address, individual name, and email address. Washington Representatives maintains an extensive and frequently updated database including:

  • 44,400+ lobbyists and government relations professionals
  • 4,600+ lobbying firms
  • 14,000+ public and government affairs leaders of 2,600 major US corporations
  • 72,000+ association executives
  • 20,000+ national and state trade and professional associations
  • 2,800+ PACs and Think Tanks
  • 700,000+ federal contractor organizations and associated contacts

During the data matching process Washington Representatives will confirm if the record:

  • exists in the Washington Representatives database as “active”
  • exists in the Washington Representatives database as “inactive”
  • is not currently listed in the Washington Representatives database

Each matched record will then be given a unique ID to be used for future matching, updating and appending. Washington Representatives does not guarantee a percentage of matched the cline contacts, however there should be significant overlap with the Washington Representatives database.

Step 2: Data Appending

Once records have been matched, all active files will be appended, when requested data is available, with the fields that the client would like provided including both demographic and contact data.

Washington Representatives does not guarantee that all appending fields will be available for each record. The rate is charged only when any fields are appended.

Step 3: Data Licensing

After appending the client’s data, Washington Representatives can provide additional analysis to determine other potential prospects within the Washington Representatives dataset that would serve as ideal prospects for the client based on the demographics of existing clients. Washington Representatives can then subsequently provide additional records to the client at their request. Initial demographic analysis is billed at an hourly rate listed above. Client may also request research on records not matched during the initial project. Custom research pricing is project based.

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